Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Amour - Guidelines

Amour, is a platform to assist queer (LGBTQIA+) persons to find long term companions. It is just a tool to help us and the success of it entirely depends on how well it is used. In order to increase its success, these are a set of guidelines, the moderators/admins of Amour have agreed upon and expect all its members to understand, respect, appreciate and adhere to.

  1. This platform is open to any LGBTIQA+ person looking for long-term companion(s) and who is at least 18 years of age. It is preferable if the person who wishes to join this platform, to have some connection with India (and a valid Facebook account and gmail ID for now).
  2. The group shall have a setting where moderators need to approve each post. And they have instructions to approve only detailed profiles looking for partners and important discussions, questions or news items, filtering out unwanted forwards or Goodmorning/Goodnight and other funny posts. Moderators can consider approving other posts only on case by case basis.
  3. Each person can define their own terms for the consensual relationship/union that they want and no one else interferes with their choices unless violence/abuse is reported. The platform doesn't endorse any one form of relationship/union.
  4. This platform shall NOT tolerate homophobia, bi-phobia, trans-phobia, inter-phobia, queer-phobia and other forms of bigotry including Personal attacks and name calling. Profiles having offensive content (such as that against effeminate men, trans persons or certain body types or skin color) or preferences such as those based on caste/creed/race can be deleted by admins any time. We encourage positive public comments from members. However, if they want to give corrective feedback for any profile, it may be done privately. The admin’s decision is final in case of a dispute.
  5. A member can a create dating profile by filling the google form (without giving any name/number but only unique Amour ProfileID) which can also then be posted in the secret Facebook group (with or without a picture). This profile will also be present in the Amour database XL sheet which is accessible to only those who created a profile.
  6. The content of this platform, group and spreadsheets are confidential. No member is allowed to copy or share this content outside this group without prior permission from admins and the profile owner. Those who violate this are liable for legal action.
  7. Individuals having Facebook profiles without their own pictures or personal details will be allowed to join only if an open member vouches for them to the admins/moderators. This aims to filter out 'fake' profiles while allowing genuine closeted queer people.
  8. Members are advised NOT to send friend requests or messages randomly to other members without going through their profile or knowing you think you may be a match for them. It's good if they mention their Amour Profile ID when they approach someone.
  9. Members are advised to use their own discretion when meeting, befriending or dating someone from the group. Being part of this group does NOT automatically make anyone trustworthy. Precautions that one would otherwise take when you befriend people through online forums, are very much applicable here too. Admins, moderators or other members of Amour are NOT responsible for any unwanted incident that may happen to you when you befriend/meet people through this platform.
  10. While these guidelines are not expected to change drastically in future, Admins of Amour reserve the right to change them anytime in future based on the inputs from members, feedback from experts or their own experience in this journey.